Headache sufferers find fast, effective, lasting relief without drugs.

If you live in and are suffering from tension, migraine, cluster or cervical headaches, YOU CAN FIND RELIEF!

Ninety-five percent of headaches are primary headaches, such as tension, migraine, or cluster headaches. These types of headaches are not caused by disease but FROM TENSION.

"The greatest majority of primary headaches are associated with muscle tension in the neck," says Dr. George B. McClelland, Chairman of the American Chiropractic Association's (ACA) Board of Governors. "Today, Americans engage in more sedentary activities than they used to, and more hours are spent in one fixed position or posture. This can increase joint irritation and muscle tension in the neck, upper back and scalp, causing your head to ache!


For many, that relief is only a phone call away.
Senechal Family Chiropractic specializes in the treatment of headache pain regardless of its cause.

Why Choose Chiropractic for Headache Relief?

According to the International Chiropractic Association, the primary focus of chiropractic is the detection, reduction and correction of spinal misalignments and nervous system dysfunction. Doctors of chiropractic attempt to get to the root cause of a health problem, rather than just treat the symptoms. Chiropractic seeks to maximize the natural strengths of the body and its capacity to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.

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About Us

Dr. Alisha Senechal

Hello, and welcome to Senechal Family Chiropractic! My name is Dr. Alisha Senechal. It is truly and honor and privilege to get the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones on your journey toward reaching your ultimate health potential. You have probably noticed that our office is quite different than many other doctor’s offices. Our goal is to not only be educators and health care providers, but to provide a sense of comfort and ease in knowing that we will treat you and your family as our own. In order to fully understand Chiropractic and it’s importance to your family’s health, I feel it necessary that you know who I am, where I come from, and the events that have shaped me into who I am today.

I guess I should start off saying that I grew up under Chiropractic Care. My Father and Uncle are both Chiropractors and I’ve been adjusted every since I was an infant. Now you may be thinking, "wow, an infant?…what possibly could a Chiropractor do for an infant?" Well, to start with, Chiropractic has been shown to help with ear infections, acid reflux, colic, asthma, torticollis, birth trauma, etc. Although, I never suffered from any of these conditions as a child I do credit Chiropractic care for preventing them from ever occurring. When your nervous system is functioning optimally, symptoms and disease should not exist. This is the very fundamental that Chiropractic care is based on. Chiropractic care throughout my childhood and adulthood has helped me recover quickly from sports injuries, falls, aches and pains from everyday stresses of life and physical stresses of work.

I can whole-heartedly say that Chiropractic has changed my life and my family’s life. I am a healthier, happier person because of it and my goal is to share this passion with all families I encounter. As you can see, this passion is what has allowed me to follow those dreams and become a Chiropractor. It has also allowed me to meet and fall in love with my husband (who is also a Chiropractor) in graduate school down in Georgia. I am so privileged to have found such a loving, supportive, friend for life that I can share this passion with!

As you have learned, I believe Chiropractic is more than just for neck and back pain. I believe in preventative/wellness care for the entire family and hold a special place in my heart for pediatric and pregnancy care. I also believe spinal rehab is very important in maintaining a fully functioning spinal and nervous system.

The decision you made to walk into our doors, searching for something, I believe could be one of the most important decisions of your life! The reason I do what I do is for you and your family. I have chosen to dedicate my life to serve you, to help you achieve your health goals and to be with you every step along your journey. Welcome to your new life lived with the most optimal health you truly deserve!

Dr. Senechal was previously working in Plymouth at Integrative Health Chiropractic and before that with her father in Alabama. She is excited to have found a place close to home in South Lyon (where her and her husband reside) to open her practice.

During Graduate School Dr. Senechal furthered her education to receive her diplomate in Pediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractic. One of her passions is to help educate families on chiropractic and holistic health and to not only reduce symptoms but to enhance immunity and health overall. She strives to empower & educate her patients & the community to actively take part in their well-being& build a lifetime of optimal health & wellness!

Our Mission
Senechal Family Chiropractic’s mission is to provide quality chiropractic care to families and individuals of all ages, especially pregnant women and children, to express greater degrees of life, function, health and well-being through enhanced spinal and neurological integrity, regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms or conditions.

Our Staff

Nikki Glinski, NCMT

Massage Therapist

I want to start by thanking you for showing interest in Massage Therapy. Here is a little bit of information about myself and my background.

I am a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and a graduate of Schoolcraft College’s Massage Therapy program.

I completed an internship with the Detroit Demolition Semi-Pro football team, and have since worked with athletes ranging from Professional, to Olympic, to Collegiate, and even High school and Junior high levels.

I specialize in Sports, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic Massage, but that doesn’t mean that those are the only types of massages that I do.

I have a lot of people ask, "What can massage do for me?" Well, massage is the OLDEST therapy known to man, dating back as far as 2700 BC. The ancient Chinese, Greeks, and Romans used Massage Therapy to treat many ailments before western medicine became available. Today massage is used most commonly to decrease pain, increase range of motion and flexibility, improve sleep patterns, help manage anxiety and depression, ease headaches and migraines, boost your immune system, and even help with common PMS symptoms.

For additional information about the types of Massage offered at Senechal Family Chiropractic please click on the tab labeled Massage Therapy.


Massage Therapist

Hi there! I’m Emma. I am a licensed massage therapist and trained at Flint School of Therapeutic Massage. As a former professional squash player I had to end my career early due to M.E, chronic fatigue syndrome and then over time I developed Hashimotos thyroiditis.

These issues sparked an interest in having a more holistic and healing approach to an already healthy lifestyle. I engaged in regular chiropractic care, massage and yoga and went down a more gentle route of self care for my well-being which is serving me well today. I work part time as a squash coach for a youth nonprofit organization in Detroit and I am a registered yoga instructor.

A typical session with me could include a relaxing Swedish massage, deep tissue and trigger point therapy, gentle stretching and reflexology with focus on releasing restrictions the body holds and enhancing the general well-being of my client.


Causes Of Headache

There are two types of headaches:

Primary Headaches include tension, migraine, cervicogenic, and cluster headaches and are not caused by other underlying medical conditions. More than 90% of headaches are primary.

Secondary Headaches result from other medical conditions, such as infection or increased pressure in the skull due to a tumor. These account for fewer than 10% of all headaches.

Descriptions of the Primary Headache Types:

1. Tension Headaches: are the most common, affecting more than 75% of all headache sufferers. As many as 90% of adults have had tension headaches.

Tension headaches usually involve a steady ache, rather than a throbbing one, are described as a feeling of pressure or tightening, may last minutes to days, affect both sides of the head, and and do not worsen with routine physical activity. It may also be accompanied by hypersensitivity to light and noise. Some people get tension (and migraine) headaches because of stressful events. Tension headaches may also be chronic, occurring frequently or daily.

Rebound Headache: Rebound headache may occur among people with tension headaches, as well as in those with migraines. It can be the result of taking prescription or nonprescription pain relievers daily or almost every day, contrary to directions on the package label. If prescription or nonprescription pain relievers are overused, headaches may 'rebound' as the last dose wears off--leading you to take more and more pills. This is a great reason to call your chiropractor. Break that cycle!

2. Cervicogenic Headaches:

Cervicogenic Headaches come from disorders of the neck. They are often brought on by neck movement and/or sustained awkward head positioning (such as painting the ceiling or washing the floor). There may also be stiffness in the neck or shoulder and arm pain accompanying the headaches.

3. Migraine Headaches:

Migraine Headaches are less common than tension headaches, but still afflict 25 to 30 million people in the United States As many as 6% of all men, and up to 18% of all women experience a migraine headache at some time.

Migraines may last 4-72 hours and involve the entire head. They can cause throbbing and are aggravated by routine physical activity.

Nausea, sensitivity to light and sound often accompany migraines. An "aura" may occur before head pain begins-- involving a disturbance in vision, and/or an experience of brightly colored or blinking lights in a pattern that moves across the field of vision. About one in five migraine sufferers experiences an aura.

Usually, migraine attacks are occasional, or sometimes as often as once or twice a week, but rarely occur daily.

4. Cluster Headaches:

are pretty rare, affecting about 1% of the population. They are different from migraine and tension headaches. Most cluster headache sufferers are male -- about 85%.

Cluster headaches come in groups or clusters lasting weeks or month. The pain is extremely severe but the attack is brief, lasting no more than a hour or two. The pain centers around one eye, and this eye may be inflamed and watery. There may also be nasal congestion on the affected side of the face.

These "alarm clock" headaches may strike in the middle of the night, and often occur at about the same time each day during the course of a cluster. A history of heavy smoking and drinking is common, and alcohol often triggers attacks.

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Complimentary Consultation

Complimentary Consult Headache Relief Assessment

The first, most important step toward full recovery and prevention of serious long-term health problems is an accurate diagnosis and assessment of your condition with a recommended treatment plan. With this special Internet offer, you receive a Complimentary Consult!

Consultation to include:
  • Health History
  • Accident description, documentation, and assessment
  • Insurance evaluation, fees, and payment options

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*"I have suffered from low back pain most of my life. Last year the pain became so intense that it would travel down my leg to my toes. I was crippled and I missed most of the summer of 2013. I had tried a circuit of doctors, spinal surgeons and had two MRI’s taken. This resulted in a boat load of pain meds, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory with no attempt to fix the cause of the pain."

"I then went to Senechal Family Chiropractic. They restored my quality of life and removed all my pain much quicker than I expected. They were also very affordable."

‚Äč"Chiropractic Medicine has saved me more than once and I am a firm believer, it works!"
B. Stevens

 *"I have suffered from Chronic debilitating migraines since the age of 10. Three migraines a week was not uncommon. I cannot count how many days of my life passed me by, lying in a dark room, crippled from the throbbing pain. A migraine is not just a headache. A migraine is relentless. An intense pounding and throbbing pain that steals your energy and ability to function. A dread and anxiety that robs you of quality of life as you anticipate the next onset.

Doctors, neurologists, specialists, pain management, Imitrex pills, injections, Relpax, Maxalt, Inderal, Massage, Gluten Free, Yoga, MRI, ENT, numerous visits to the emergency room for injections that would leave me catatonic, the list goes on and on. I finally gave up, accepting that debilitating migraines were a part of my life.

November 2012… my last emergency room visit. After my cocktail of injections, my husband carried me back to bed. He wiped away the tears in his eyes, feeling helpless. The following day I awoke from my catatonic state. I recalled seeing a new chiropractic clinic that had opened next to the urgent care clinic where I had become quite popular. I had tried everything else; there was nothing else to lose. I surfed the web for information on Chiropractic care and Migraine headaches. Despite my doubts that it could help me, I called the next day and had my first appointment with Dr. Senechal. She took time to listen to my story. She explained chiropractic care and the individualized course of treatment that she would use to address my concerns. No way, I thought, is this going to work. I reluctantly kept my appointment for x-rays and the rest as they say is history.

I will be 38 years old in January and I have been totally Migraine and medication free for over a year. It is still quite remarkable and unbelievable. Dr. Senechal and her staff have given me my life back and for that I am forever grateful. "
Melissa F.

 *"I am a certified Massage Therapist who has had the opportunity to be under Chiropractic Care by Dr. Senechal. Over the past eight months Dr. Senechal has eased my structural pain and has improved my concentration, energy and eye sight! I’ve come from an abusive childhood and my profession is quite physical, so I was skeptical with starting care. Needless to say, my treatments gave me the sense of safety and ease. I feel great and plan to continue Chiropractic Care thanks to her caring, informative and professional nature!"

Jacqueline K.

 *"Before I started getting regular adjustments, my upper back and neck were constantly tight from standing on my feet all day and answering the phone. Now my pain is almost gone, I haven’t been sick in over a year and I have more energy throughout the day!"

Julie F.

 *"I first met Dr. Senechal in July 2011. I started working within the same clinic with her. I would get headaches, neck pain, right shoulder pain and low back pain from time to time. Sometimes the pain would be so bad that I had a hard time doing computer work for longs periods of time. My symptoms would also interfere with my ability to focus and concentrate on certain tasks and working out. Since being treated by Dr. Senechal, my symptoms are gone and I am able to do the above tasks without any interruptions. Thank you Dr. Senechal!"

Dr. Keith G.

 *"I went to see Dr. Senechal for neck and back pain. After an examination she took x-rays of my neck and low back and found the cause of my problem. Through adjustments and therapy, I began to feel better and get stronger. That led to a betters’ night sleep and a more productive lifestyle. I want to say thanks to Dr. Senechal for caring and being sensitive to my chiropractic needs."

Anita F.

 *"My low back pain was so bad during pregnancy that I found it difficult to walk or perform job duties. At 32 weeks, I was ready to leave work because of the pain. After seeing Dr. Senechal one time my back pain lessened and I can work, exercise and remain active! Chiropractic care has made it possible for me to maintain a healthy pregnancy!"

Aprylle M.

 *"Dr. Alisha Foster was my chiropractor for the first year after she graduated from Chiropractic College. Her ability to examine and diagnose was top notch. When it came to the practical treatment of my neck and back problems, she was on top of her game and treated with confidence-which built my trust in her abilities. Most of all I was impressed with her bedside mannerism. She is a great Chiropractor and is a plus to the profession."

Dr. Joseph F.

 *"For as long as I can remember I have always had sinus problems and as I reached my late teens I started experiencing upper back and neck pain pretty frequently. I started seeing Dr. Senechal regularly and every time I came in to see her she was always smiling and her adjustments were effective and smooth. Some doctors who I’ve seen in the past were too rough and would leave me really sore after the adjustment. Dr. Senechal also gave me advice on things to avoid at the gym so that I didn’t strain my neck, as well as easy exercises I can do to strengthen my neck. After seeing her for just a few weeks my allergies improved as well as my neck and back pain. I went from having sinus infections two to three times a year to not having them at all. I strongly recommend her to anyone who’s seeking chiropractic care!"

Jessie W.

 *"Just left my first visit and this is my new favorite place. They answered all of my questions and I didn't feel rushed in the slightest. Very fair pricing as well. If you're looking for a chiropractor, this is the place for you!"

Dan M.

 *"I am a new patient and I have been so impressed with Dr. Senechal. My lower back has improved tremendously after a couple of visits. She is very professional, attentive and caring and her staff is great too. I look forward to having my back finally feeling good again after months of issues and I will continue seeing Dr. Senechal to maintain my back or any other pain issues that should arise. I would highly recommend her."

Kathy A.

 *"Love Dr. Senechal! She works on my husband and my back. With being a hairstylist, my back and neck are all out of whack. She does a great job with providing relief and getting my back to feel normal again. I highly recommend her."

Melanie M.

 *"Both of my teen boys are seeing Dr.Senechal now. My boys have completely different personalities and she connected with them both right away! One is more shy than the other and she naturally gave him a little space and now he is warmed up and will be chatting her ear off. We are very happy with the care they are getting. No stress, very calm and inviting atmosphere! Rare to find but such a great find! I will be switching to Dr. Senechal for care for myself."

Jennifer C.

 *"Dr. Senechal is fabulous! My kids LOVE going to get adjusted and she truly has a special way of making you feel welcome and comfortable. I have referred many friends and family members to her and all have been very happy with the care. The staff is amazing as well. Julie handles everything at the front desk with great efficiency and Nikki gives an amazing therapeutic massage!"

Jessica M.

 *"I'm a new patient and so far I have been happy with my care. I always feel better after my sessions. Dr Senechal is very calm and easy to talk to which makes it a pleasant experience. I am looking forward to getting my back problems fixed. Things are handled efficiently at the front desk Julie does a great job in sending me my receipts and answering my questions."

Evangeline L.

 *"Dr. Senechal is the bomb! She had helped me so much during this pregnancy. I wish I knew about her for my last pregnancy! She tailors each visit and really listens to changing concerns. The traction table therapy has really helped me recently. The massage therapist is also very good."

Elizabeth M.

 *"Helpful and understanding. Listens and doesn't forget. Very trustworthy."

Rose R.

 *"Dr Alisha Senechal is very thorough and effective I've been suffering from back pain since 1981 while in the USAF, after I retired I visited several chiropractors and I've finally found the one that has helped with my pain"

Robert B.

 *"Took my daughter to get her back looked at. Even after just one visit, she felt better. Today she is getting her 1st therapeutic massage"

Laura K.

 *"She should be wearing a cape not a coat because she is my Hero! One week under her care and my back has never felt better!"

Zumba A.

 *"Just had my first massage and it was great! The staff at Senechal Family Chiropractic is great!"

Melanie E.

 *"Dr Alisha is great. Both me and my son are going and has helped both of us tremendously."

Joy B.

 *"After a pretty horrific accident and unrelenting pain, Dr. Senechal has been a tremendous help in my healing process. Everyone in the office is wonderful!"

Tammi B.

 *"Love this office, very clean and new. You make an appointment so there is never a wait. Cost is reasonable. Mrs. Senechel does PT in addition to Chiropractic care. Adjustment isn't followed by getting back in your car and driving down a bumpy road! I get muscle stimulation, heat and ice after an adjustment which helps immensely. I suffer from Cervicogenic Migraines and Sciatica along with pinched nerves in my spine causing knee pain. I also have TMJ and arthritis that started in my 30's. I've been treated by two different chiropractors before her and it was horrible; along with primary and neuro docs pumping me full of meds. So many good things are happening for me now without all the pain. I can sit longer, stand longer, walk farther, exercise better and much more. Don't wait! Go see her, she is wonderful. And her little fingers are like magnets to your problem areas. Crazy how she finds just the very spot that hurts."

Tammy I.

Treatment Options

Chiropractors offer a drug-free, hands-on approach to healthcare that gets you feeling better quickly , safely, and effectively.

How Is a Headache Evaluated?

Early diagnosis and treatment are important in identifying the underlying cause for your headaches. In most cases, an in-depth history and physical examination will help determine this.

Once the cause has been identified, we will develop a specific management plan to help eliminate your pain based on your individual needs.

What Is the Treatment for Headaches?

Chiropractors treat patients with tension-type headaches and as well as headaches caused by problems with the joints and muscles in the neck.

Adjustments of the neck, along with stretching and strengthening exercises, have been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of headaches. Massage and other forms of soft-tissue treatment can sometimes be helpful.

Scientists are also investigating other therapies, such as acupuncture, to prevent and treat this disorder.

Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, may be used for an occasional headache, but long-term use can lead to health complications such as gastrointestinal difficulties, liver problems, and kidney failure.

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